Jonathan Neves Mayers was born in London to a British mother and a Bajan father. As a child, he would spend many evenings engrossed in fantasy and science fiction books, which inspired him to write.

Growing up, he became more interested in music, playing the flute at a music school for several years which gave him opportunities to perform at a number of venues in London and abroad. He took a Music degree at Cardiff University, writing his dissertation on Radiohead, and then played bass guitar and keyboard in a few bands in London. The passion for reading made a return, and eventually he decided to give writing a proper go.

Jonathan still lives just outside of London with his beautiful wife Cláudia, their miracle of a daughter Megan and their wonderful, never-troublesome dog Suki. When not writing, he can usually be found trying to learn Portuguese, trying to play the guitar or trying to chase Suki.

Photographer: Cláudia Neves Mayers